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Bertram’s Red Brick School House

The first school, built in 1882, was a 30’x 40′ plank building and stood at the corner of East Street and San Gabriel Road. Mr. Rudolph Bertram contributed $50 toward its construction. It also served as a church and Masonic Lodge. This school was soon enlarged, but by 1908 it was outgrown. In 1909 the school district purchased 5.5 acres from T. D. Vaughn for $1,100 and built the red brick two story building still in use today and known as Bertram Elementary. It was completed at a cost of $16,000 which was $11,000 over budget. The new building was the pride of the community at the time, and it was known as a college because of the advanced curriculum and superior instruction. There were 11 grades. In 1970 the district consolidated with the Burnet district, and BCISD proposed the destruction of the old building. However, citizens of Bertram successfully intervened, and it was completely renovated. Now the stately old historical school house is again the pride of Bertram. Much of the school has been renovated in the last few years; there is a new “state of the art” Cafetorium with a covered pavilion, and much of the red brick school house has been renovated along with the gymnasium. The school will celebrate it’s 100 birthday in the fall of 2009. The only obstacle to the complete renovation of the exterior is the absence of the school bell, which went missing shortly after consolidation. If anyone has information on the location of the bell, please call City Hall at 366-2167 or the school at 355-2111. We need the bell to make the school complete!


We have been searching for the bell for years, and it is beginning to look doubtful that we’ll ever recover the original bell. If we don’t recover the original, we’ll seek a replacement and have it installed before the birthday celebration.

Burnet CISD

In Bertram, children from K through 5th Grade attend Bertram Elementary, and bus transportation is available for every child. Middle School and High School are in Burnet, and bus transportation is available for all students. For more information about BCISD, see the school website:


There are numerous community colleges within driving distance of Bertram. They include:
Central Texas College:
Texas Tech:
Southwestern College:
Austin Community College:

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