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Covid-19 Small Business Grant Program

Program Purpose Given the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic that has swept the globe and caused interruption to Bertram small businesses, combined with the mandates that have kept small businesses closed, we wish to help maintain and support our small business sector. This grant program is designed to provide funding for small businesses to cover economic damages suffered as a direct result from COVID-19. This includes a business lease or mortgage payments, utility payments, payroll for employees still employed and working at the business, and other business operating expenses.

Grant Program Guidelines The Bertram Economic Development Corporation (EDC) COVID-19 Emergency Grant Program is intended to provide financial assistance to retail, restaurant, and service businesses located within the city of Bertram who are suffering from financial impacts related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The EDC will provide grants under the following terms and conditions:

In order to qualify for funding under this program, the applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

1) Applicant must be a retail, restaurant, or service business. 2) The business must have a physical location in the corporate city limits of the city of Bertram. (Bricks and Mortar, not solely a home business or online sales). 3) All funds provided by the EDC must be used solely for operating expenditures for the business located at the address provided for in the application. 4) The need for the funds must be a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 5) Proof of applicant’s ownership of the business (W-9) shall be required. 6) Business principals who have ownership in multiple businesses may only receive one grant. 7) Non-profit organizations are not eligible for this program. 8) The applicant must have a valid sales tax number and be in good standing with the State Comptroller. They must have generated (collected and remitted to the State) city sales tax for the past 12 months or since start date and must furnish corresponding documentation with the application. 9) The applicant must not be delinquent on property or sales taxes due and must be compliant with all city ordinances and codes.

The availability for funding of this program is contingent upon City Council approval. Applications will be considered first come, first served based upon completed applications meeting all criteria with supporting documentation until funds are exhausted. There will be 15 grants at $1,000 per applicant. The EDC Board of Directors is the sole and final authority in determining eligibility for funding. Applications are to be submitted to Bertram City Hall in the Night Drop Box. This application and said attachments, if any, do not constitute a binding agreement, nor may they be used against the City of Bertram or the Bertram Economic Development Corporation and its Directors. The Submitting of a grant application does not obligate payment nor guarantee approval by the Bertram EDC or the City of Bertram.

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