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For a complete listing of area cemeteries, visit

You will also find pictures of many of the cemeteries and graves on this site:

Detailed information of historical sites may be found here:

Below are pictures of a few of the cemeteries and historical sites near Bertram. More will be added as time permits.

Oatmeal, founded in 1849, is the second oldest community in Burnet County, and it was once in the running for County Seat. Above is the second Oatmeal School House, which was built in 1869. The historical marker was placed on the building in 1968. With the exception of a new floor and new roof, the native limestone building looks much the same today as it did in the past. It is now the Oatmeal Church of Christ. The building is located on County road 327 A.

Oatmeal Cemetery

The “Oatmeal Box”, which is on Hwy 243 west, looks over one of the old Oatmeal School Houses (now the Oatmeal Community Center). The “Oatmeal Box” is a painted tower and has been featured in many magazines and newspapers around the country and is a tourist destination.

The site of original town of South Gabriel, the predecessor to Bertram, is marked with an Historical Marker and located on County Road 324. Nearby is South Gabriel Cemetery.

Mt. Zion Cemetery is located on County Road 330 A

Bear Creek Cemetery is located just north of Bertram on County Road 243 East. The first grave there was that of Udora Moreland, the daughter of the Reverend Samuel and Mary Moreland. On October 11, 2008, the Retired Texas Rangers Association placed a Texas Ranger Memorial Cross next to the grave of Samuel’s brother, Millard S. Moreland.

The historic Joppa Bridge is now retired, but it is a reminder of older days in the area. Now, the bridge is decorated in December by members of the Joppa Church and community. All come together to sing carols before Christmas.

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